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A Once-in-a-Generation Investment in Central New York

Central New York is on the brink of an incredible transformation thanks to Micron’s plans to invest up to $100 billion in a megafab and the Green CHIPS legislation that includes a historic agreement between Micron and New York State for a $500 million Community Investment Fund. 


The Central New York Community Engagement Committee (CEC) was formed to identify community priorities and create a framework for directing investments in areas such as education, housing, workforce development with an emphasis on underrepresented communities (women, people of color, rural communities, and veterans), child care, transportation, infrastructure and more.


The CEC, with input from more than 12,000 central New Yorkers, has established the Community Priorities Document -- a living document which will serve as a guiding strategy to ensure the benefits from the Community Investment Fund are shared effectively and equitably. 

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Visit the Community Priorities Document page to learn more about investment priorities and the Community Investment Fund

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Find out more about Micron’s investment plans in Central New York

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