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Survey Results Update: Insights Shaping Our Community's Future

We're excited to share the insights gathered from our Community Engagement Survey, which launched in September 2023. With over 2,400 responses from across Central New York, your contributions have been pivotal in guiding our discussions and identifying key priority areas. Below is a summary of the findings and what's next.

Introducing Survey 2.0

Building on the feedback received, we’ve launched an updated survey to delve deeper into the community's priorities. If you've already participated, we encourage you to engage with this second installment. New participants can complete both the initial and updated surveys, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of community perspectives. Each survey takes approximately 4 - 6 minutes and is crucial for finalizing our investment recommendations.

What We’ve Learned So Far

Priority Investments

Survey participants ranked several investment areas. The leading priorities emerged as:

  1. Housing

  2. Education

  3. Workforce Development

  4. Community Infrastructure

  5. Neighborhood Investment

Notable responses included:

"Housing, transportation, and education are key to lifting all boats in our economically and racially segregated city."
"Environmental conservation is critical alongside the Micron project. We need well-built, eco-friendly housing and neighborhood investment."
"Support for arts and culture, like the Everson Museum and Landmark Theatre, is essential for attracting top talent."


Survey 2.0 digs deeper into these topic areas, inviting community members to give input on more specific strategies across these priority areas.


Central New York’s Economy and Business Health

When evaluating Central New York's economy, respondents had mixed views, with 20.8% rating it positively, 26.3% negatively, and 52.9% neutrally. Business owners (15% of respondents) generally reported their businesses performing at average or above, with a positive outlook for the coming six months.

The committee is dedicated to identifying community priorities and creating a framework for directing investments across key sectors – building a resilient economy and business ecosystem – to ensure Central New York remains a vibrant place to live, work, and flourish for generations to come.

Your Voice Matters!

We extend our gratitude to everyone who has participated in the survey. Your insights are shaping the future of Central New York. Don't miss the chance to have your say - if you haven't yet participated, we invite you to do so now. Stay tuned for more information and sign up for our newsletter for notifications and further updates.



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