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Project Update: The Journey of Central New York's Community Investment

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has engaged with us through meetings, focus groups, surveys, and various input channels. Your involvement is the cornerstone of this community-led process. The remarkable level of participation - over 8,000 contributors so far - speaks volumes about our community's commitment to shaping a prosperous future. We're excited to update you on the progress and the road ahead! As a refresher...

The Role of the Community Priorities Document

The Community Priorities Document is a critical tool, poised to direct transformational strategies for community improvement. It will serve as a guide for Micron and all stakeholders committed to fostering an inclusive and vibrant Central New York. We aim to create a resource for all agencies, entities, and leaders driving these initiatives.

The Community Engagement Committee

Comprising 15 members and 5 ex-officio members from diverse sectors, the Community Engagement Committee is pivotal in drafting the Community Priorities Document. The committee is dedicated to identifying community priorities and creating a framework for directing investments across key sectors, to ensure Central New York remains a vibrant place for all to live, work, and flourish, for generations to come.

Through comprehensive engagement methods, fostering ground-up participation and channeling the power of collective insight, the Community Engagement Committee has actively gathered feedback from Central New York's diverse community, ensuring every voice is acknowledged and considered.

Our Progress So Far

The Committee's journey has been marked by dynamic public interactions, including:

Infographic showing the number and types of engagement the CEC had completed so far. More than 8,000 participants have been involved.

Key Findings and Emerging Themes

The feedback has been instrumental in shaping and expanding our original five priority investment areas. We recognize the interconnected nature of these priorities and the necessity for holistic investment strategies to ensure a vibrant future for all.

While the Committee has been reviewing the detailed and comprehensive input provided by community members, below is a summary of emerging themes and findings.

Educational Resources and Workforce Development

  • Emphasis on STEM and STEAM integration from PreK-12.

  • Need for skills development, technology access, and educator resources.

  • Focus on traditional and non-traditional pathways, inclusive hiring, and comprehensive services.

MWVBE and Small Business Support

  • Priorities include certification access, capacity building, funding support, and inclusive procurement practices.

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem enhancements.

Community Development: Quality of Place and Housing

  • Enhancements in municipal centers and local recreation access.

  • Focus on mixed-income housing, creative solutions for affordable housing, and revitalization efforts.

Community Health Care, Child Care, and Family Supports

  • Improvements in food access, healthcare facilities, mental health support

  • Expanded child care services and dependent care support.

Sustainable & Equitable Infrastructure Development

  • Investment in diverse transportation, renewable energy transition, modernized utility infrastructure, and resilient public infrastructure.

Your Voice is Vital

Your continued input is crucial as we refine our priorities and develop the Community Priorities Document. Please sign up for our newsletter for upcoming events and developments. Together, let's shape a thriving future for Central New York!



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