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Community Voices: Celebrating Success and Kicking off the Community Engagement Committee Process

The Micron Community Engagement Committee (CEC) kickoff meeting, held August 2 at the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, brought together community members and stakeholders to discuss the exciting possibilities of this once-in-a-generation investment. Over 120 attendees shared valuable insights via facilitation worksheets generating 141 unique recommendations for engagement. A community sentiment survey revealed that 61% of attendees recognized the potential impact of this historic investment and 63% felt that the investment would personally affect them.

The Excitement: Unveiling Opportunities for Growth and Impact

Attendees expressed their excitement about various aspects of the Micron investment including job opportunities and workforce development community growth, and DEI investments associated with the Micron project. When asked “what aspects or potential benefits of the Micron investment are you most excited about", responses included:

“I am most excited for the supply chain benefits that will trickle throughout the community in less direct, or less obvious ways. I believe this investment will sustain development throughout various industries, as this project requires involvement in all areas across all groups of people”

I’m most excited about the Micron investment “creating [a] network of support services and community development initiatives that uplift ALL parts of our community”

I’m most excited about the Micron investment “Invigorating and encouraging youth and emerging workforce to enter STEM opportunity to combat generational poverty”

Challenges: Navigating the Path Ahead

As the community set its sights on benefitting from this historic investment, attendees candidly discussed their concerns. Respondents highlighted challenges including pay inequities and affordable housing shortages, as well as equitable access to job opportunities and workforce development. The education gap in the region, coupled with issues related to racial equity also emerged. Participants emphasized the need for the CEC to address existing struggles like the high poverty rate, homelessness, lack of childcare, lack of funding for community service initiatives, food deserts, and healthcare affordability and access when implementing Micron’s investment.

Community Engagement: Key to Sustainable Success

Equitable and inclusive community involvement will support the project’s success and maximize benefits for all residents. Survey respondents stressed the importance of involving individuals who typically don't participate in community engagement committees and fostering authentic and proactive community engagement at every stage of development. Consistent messaging, utilizing local leaders, and holding space for diverse community stakeholders will be crucial. In addition, it’s important to the cohort that digital and in-person engagement sessions are offered, marginalized communities and indigenous populations are involved, and the community stays updated on progress and results of the ongoing investment.

Looking Ahead: A Shared Vision

The kickoff meeting for the Micron investment project showcased a community enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead. The CEC acknowledged challenges and voiced their ideas for an inclusive and equitable path forward that will ensure the project’s success. As the project unfolds, the News & Updates page will offer transparent updates, diverse perspectives, and community aspirations that shape the Micron investment in Central New York.


Stay Connected and Get Involved!

There will be many opportunities to connect with this process and share your thoughts. As a first step, take the Community Engagement Survey and sign up for email notifications to be informed of upcoming events.



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